HidroPlus Technology utilises conventional physics and highly innovative, advanced mechanical engineering to deliver an affordable, commercial-ready; Distributed Electricity Generator for Base-load electricity supply.

HidroPlus is the only new technology in the world selected by the United Nations to exhibit at the world's largest Climate Change Convention. This year the United Nations for Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP18 will be held in Doha, Qatar November 26th November- 7th December 2012. HidroPlus was also the only new technology in world selected to exhibit at United Nations COP17 Durban, South Africa December 2011 and United Nations COP15 in Denmark, Copenhagen December 2009.

HidroPlus Technology addresses affordable Clean Energy Independence and Energy Security by designing a smarter modular Distributed Power System (DPS); for cities, towns or villages, no matter how regional or remote our DPS can be installed. POWER SECURITY: Medical, IT commercial ,industrial or government buildings no longer need to depend on vulnerable external power supplies, not 24/7 but 24/365 with the additional benefit of zero harm to the environment and providing positive impacts to a community.

The HidroPlus Technology is an enclosed sustainable Clean Energy Electricity Generator and is not affected by fluctuations in the weather, the significant power losses and cost associated with transmission and distribution, the on-going concern of feedstock supply, carries any upstream or downstream toxic waste to dispose of, nor incorporates the use of any precious metals.

How Does it work?
HidroPlus generates electricity by using the Hydrostatic Pressure Potential Energy (HPPE) naturally present in any fixed water column. Potential energy is the energy stored in a water column which can be converted into energy do work. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.

The formula for potential energy is PE = mgh. Hydrostatic Pressure Potential Energy (HPPE) is a function of a water columns Mass (m) x Gravity (g) x Height (h). Physics proves that gravity can not be destroyed and law of Conservation of Mass states that in a closed system mass can not be destroyed only converted into energy.

Therefore central to the viability of the HidroPlus Technology is ensuring 97% of the water column height is constantly maintained for the energy conversion. To achieve this the HidroPlus Technology incorporates advanced engineering solutions ensuring only 3% of the HPPE dynamic-force is applied to each-work cycle to drive the hydrodynamic and kinematic mechanical devices and to recycle the water back to the main water tower ready for the work-cycle repetition and constant conversion of Potential Energy.

HidroPlus Development Status:
After a decade of rigorous scientific and applied mechanical analysis, the encompassing results have demonstrated the critical need for engineering, designing and commissioning efficient mechanically driven solutions to enable the success of HidroPlus Technology’s prototypes, demonstration units and large-scale pre-commercial plant, located near Brisbane, Australia.

The HidroPlus Technology is now in commercialisation phase with the commercial design, material selection and durability testing finished; generating new innovation in manufacturing processes ready for the commercial deployment of the HidroPlus Technology to and for communities, that will deliver sustainable, affordable and safe Base-load electricity supply with low technical and operational risk anywhere in the world. A full-scale commercial HidroPlus power plant will be in place in 2013.

Hidro+™ technology world patents protection:
The HidroPlus technology has been granted with multiple world-wide comprehensive patents, confirming the patents met all the technological ingenuity and innovation fulfilling the Patents Office criteria on novelty, inventive steps and industrial applicability. PCT-AU2007/906961; AU2008/902488; AU2008/001888; AUS-PATENT2008/338258.HidroPlus Generator Technology Patents are published by World Intellectual Property Organisation [WIPO-Geneva].Publication number WO/2009/076727 and various other patents pending.

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